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October 26, 2018

Long-term Relationships and Trust

When looking for a patent attorney, an inventor should approach his or her search with at least the same rigor one would exercise when seeking a […]
October 26, 2018

To Interview or Not – That is the Question!

Let’s face it. Attorneys like to argue. We just love to show how brilliant we are! And, at least for patent attorneys representing clients before the […]
October 26, 2018

The Poor Man’s Patent is Poor Indeed

I recently (in the year 2018) read a Facebook post in which a non-attorney advised an inventor that he “must” immediately describe the invention and place […]
October 26, 2018

No, the Supreme Court is Not Anti-patent

Many in the industry accuse the Supreme Court of being anti-patent because a majority of decisions by the Supreme Court are not in favor of the […]

Attention Parents: Don’t Help Your Kids Pack for College – You Might Infringe This Patent!

I came across US Pat. No. 8,407,971 while doing a freedom-to-operate search, and my first thought was that it was written as a joke to test the patent office, but it’s real, and I think parents will be at risk of infringement if we help our kids pack and ship their items to the dorm room. Don’t help your kids if it involves doing this:

Just Say the Widget Has a Gadget

In a knee-jerk reaction to Verizon, many attorneys banned the word “invention” from their vocabulary, and replaced it with the word “disclosure”. I see this crop up all the time, and it makes me cringe because this practice does nothing to solve the problem, as we will see below.
Let’s consider the options we have when writing the specification, especially when we want to tell the reader that we are shifting gears:

How Should We Handle Overseas Prosecution

Attorneys are required to be reasonably competent to handle the work they take on. It’s Rule Number One, literally. Patent and trademark attorneys, however, face a particular problem when we have clients who pursue patents or trademarks on an international scale, how to balance using our own expertise with that of foreign associates.